No matter the sport you pleasure, you’re likely to find your favorite team represented in a child-friendly DVD. Narrated by a famous fan, Team Baby Entertainment’s DVDs feature babies and children decked out in fan-gear, real-life scenes of players having fun and working hard, as well as introductions to all things sport.
In Team Baby’s baseball series, the children will learn colors, words shapes and numbers, as they pertain to baseball. For example, in the Red Sox video, Ben Affleck narrates as we learn that there are 9 players on the field, and 9 innings. Each DVD includes cheers, songs, and an introduction to the game and locale.
The perfect gift for the Uber-fan’s baby, Team Baby Entertainment is officially lisenced by the MLB, NBA, NCAA, and Nascar. Since I learned of them this summer, their line-up has grown, and their latest baby: New York Knicks Baby, is soon-to-be released.
Mommies with Style reades can use promo code 8326 at checkout and receive 10% off their entire order.

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