My son’s latest morning routine involves coming in to wake us up, and then climbing into bed with us and asking us to get under the “fort.” As Moms know, kids love tents, forts, places they can hide and let their imagination run wild.
The TeePee for Me is a fantastic play item for your child. They come in some fabulous fabric choices, and rise to over 5 feet tall.
Set-up is really easy (we did it in stealth as we’re saving this one for either a December birthday present or a new baby brother present and didn’t want to ruin the surprise) and took all of 10 seconds to get up into standing position. It’s really grand-looking when it’s set up and I can’t wait to see the excitement on my son’s face when he checks it out for the first time.
They range in price from $288-366. Age range for this one is toddler to tween, so you definitely get your money’s worth as it lasts for many years of playtime.

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