blnh When Teething Bling samples arrived last week I admired the look of these necklaces, determining which of my outfits would look great with the hip style of a heavy long necklace. (They likely all will.) I expected the pendant¬†would be heavy. I imagined them cold and hard, like shiny rocks, and that was why they’d be great teethers and were so good looking.

How wrong I was. When I took the necklace out of the packaging tonight I was totally surprised. Because what looks to be a beautiful pendant made of heavy, expensive, polished stone is actually made of non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free rubbery silicone. The necklaces (also available are bangles and keychains) hang from a black cord for baby to grab onto, play with, and, of course, mouth and teeth. So you’re looking good and your’e feeling smart because your jewelry isn’t really jewelry, its a toy camoflauged into jewelry.

I tried wearing mine tonight hoping that baby would grab on while nursing, as a distraction from grabbing onto my hair and skin. It worked. The circle pendant fit into her tiny hand and kept her calm while nursing. I’m sure Teething Bling will be a favorite toy for quite some time.

Thanks to SmartMom for providing the Teething Bling sample for this review. Use code S-BC for 20% off at check out. 


  1. Nice. I remember how my wife used to look when our baby grabs her hair when nursing.

  2. I was just thinking that I should get one of these for holiday travel…the review and the discount clinched it! Now if I can just decide on a color…

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