Ever notice how we mold our children? No, we don’t mean to, but don’t tell me that dressing your 2 year old in a football jersey for your favorite team is his idea.
My Lullabug caught onto the idea and created very cute, very honest t’s. Your little fan can wear his “I’m told I like Football” t-shirt and his baby brother can don the PAA shirt: a picture of a Pacifier with the word “Addicted” underneath.
These hilarious t’s and onesies make great gifts for the new baby. Our 3-year-old loves his Dog Person t-shirt, and proudly showed it off to his dog-loving teacher today. Check out the gift sets at My Lullabug: in addition to stuffed animals with shirts, you can get 3 t’s for less than $20! Mommies with Style can use code MWS20 for 20% off your total purchase.

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