When a couple of my tennis friends asked me to go away for a long weekend to an Adult Tennis Camp, it didn’t take much arm twisting on their part to get me to say yes! Really, they had me at Florida in the winter but the tennis thing was an added benefit I was intrigued about.

I’m somewhat new to tennis. I played a bit as a kid because my Mom was really into itbut hadn’t really played again for years until I started back up about a year and a half ago. I’ve been having fun making some new friends on the court but I’d love to improve my game. One of my friends found Saddlebrook online and we went ahead and booked it.

If you’re into tennis and looking for a nice getaway, here’s the low-down:

-Saddlebrook is about a half an hour outside of Tampa

-It’s a full golf and tennis resort. There’s a couple of pools but there’s not much else really going on here other than golf and tennis. If you want a spot with a little nightlife or lots of restaurant options, look elsewhere.


-To up your game in tennis, this is a great spot. You can get half day or full day tennis packages. (Half day is 3 hours in the morning; Full day is 5 hours – 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.) We opted for full day and it didn’t feel like too much tennis at all and the instructors were great.

-It’s not cheap. For a girls’ trip and only paying for one, it was manageable but my husband commented that he would love to do this as a family of four someday. That will most definitely not be an affordable vacation. You pay for your hotel plus tennis instruction (tennis was about $200/day on top of the hotel)

If you’re looking for a quick getaway to up your tennis game, Saddlebrook is a good option.


  1. Courtney Osman says

    I LOVE this review! Great way to up your tennis game and who doesn’t want to go to Adult CAMP???

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