A while back, I wrote up Tessy & Tab. A Reading Club, if you sign up for their service, your child will receive two books a month in the mail from Tessy & Tab. The books are for early readers and children ages 2-5. It’s a pretty neat little service – Nate loved getting his in the mail and finding out what books had arrived for him. Each book teaches a couple of words and the illustrations are colorful and fun. It’s $48 for a year subscription (24 issues).
Now, in addition to the book subscription, they offer themed kits you can order as a bonus. Of particular interest that I thought was cool were two kits in particular – the Money Manager Kit and the TV Turnoff Kit.
The Money Manager kit is $24.95 and comes with three Tessy and Tab books (about money), a Parents Guide to building early financial understanding in your children and a 3-part Save, Spend and Share MoonJar bank. We love the last one and we practice dividing money into each section often.
The TV Turnoff Kit is $19.95 and comes with four books with Tessy and Tab being active, a Parents Guide to managing your kids TV time and a chart on the effects of TV.
Order the kits, the subscription or both on the Tessy and Tab site. Enter MWS408 in the “Referral Sourceā€ box when you place your order for the TV Turnoff Kit before 5/31/08 and receive a free Tessy & Tab book called Fire Station Trip. Visit www.tessyandtab.com/firestation to see the real-world inspiration for this book and to print fire safety posters.

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