My son just adores getting his own mail. And if you guys were reading last week, you saw that we subscribe to High Five magazine (Highlights for under-5 years old), which he adores. So he was also excited when a mailing came from Tessy & Tab’s Reading Club. It’s a thin book geared towards children between ages 2-5. It comes twice a month and it’s promotes learning how to read. The stories are simple, the words big. The pictures are colorful and it’s easy for the kids to “read” the story via the pictures if they can’t get the words.
I already have him recognizing some words in the Tessy & Tab books and able to “read” them when we come across them. Plus, I just think the concept’s fun – the idea of getting a new book twice a month to learn to read on seems fun to me.
Mommies with Style readers will receive 3 free issues with their first issue. Enter MWS-3FREE as the coupon at checkout. It’s $48 for the year, or $2 an issue. This is a great grandparent gift.
By they way, be sure to check out their “Just for Fun” section on the website, they have some fantastic teaching games.

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