Last March, I wrote about Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips in Yay or Nay on Fingernail Denim?. These new nail polish strips seemed like something cool and different and I’ve been wanting to try them out every since.

So on a recent trip to Rite Aid, a big display of various Sally Hansen Salon Effect prints caught my eye. I decided to pick up a kit and test it out. I selected Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in Sweet Tart-an for $9.99 (Target apparently has them cheaper and for sale for $8.54)

Here’s what the box looks like:


Here’s what comes inside of the box.  16 strips, a cuticle stick and a mini nailfile:


Here are the nail strips:


The strips are obviously really long, I had to file this down:


Here was the end result.  I’m a little bit skeptical it’ll last 10 days as you can already see that it’s a little bit tired around the edges of my nails.  But to be truthful, that could have been me – I had noisy kids and I was trying to do it in a hurry.  (Which, by the way, the entire process took longer than I thought.  It was about 20 minutes for me to get all of these strips onto my nails.)

20120131-080525.jpg (

Overall, for $10 I’d do it again if I have a fun event and wanted to try one of the blingy-looking strips for a little pizzazz.  (See the entire line of Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips on the Sally Hansen website)

Find them at Target, Rite Aid, Amazon or any local store that carries nail polish.  And if you get them, let me know what you think!


  1. Did they last 10 days?

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