Its no big secret, I get a lot of samples. And, sometimes, my husband rolls his eyes as they pile up waiting to be tested. So, when the Bumpyname Orbit Labels were tested on our sippy cups, I expected another eye-roll with a headshake. Don’t get me wrong, its a fabulous product, but husband’s don’t always appreciate all the MWS necessities.
Instead, one glance and he looked me straight in the eye and said “thank you.” One of the most sincere “thank you’s” I’ve received in a while… especially more sincere than the nightly “Thank you for the yummy dinner, Mommy.”
Bumpyname Orbit Labels are one of those products that I have to think, what did I ever do before I had this? And those poor moms without them, they NEED these. If you have 2 or more kids, you’ll quickly understand. Bumpyname Orbit Labels are rubber-y labels wtih your child’s name inscribed. The fit around most bottles (sippy-cups, regular glasses, water-bottles, SIGGs, and, really, everything I’ve tested them on) because they stretch. Thus, they give temporary ownership to the cup.
So, when Carson’s drinking milk and Wesley has an upset stomach and can’t, I no longer have to worry that he’s picking up the wrong cup and isn’t drinking water. They each know their label and can identify which cup is their’s.
We’re also a big fan of keeping the same cup throughout the day (in the fridge, of course). I used to have to remember who had which cup on which shelf or what color each boy was using each day. No longer, I just loop a label on the cup in the morning, and there’s no longer a question as to whom it belongs. Which is why my husband loves it. Tired of picking up a cup and asking to whom it belongs, he’s now quick to know.
And here’s a great tip, before you just buy your kids’ names (because I know you’re going to) get an extra set with your last name. (Special orders are available for only a minimal extra fee, and you get an extra label.) I’ve been labeling my waterbottle at the gym–no more concerns that someone may try to snatch my SIGG or Nalgene (or my plastic bottle when I forget to be green.) Plus, the last name comes in handy when hosting a playdate–how many times have you thrown your hands up when healthy Junior sips from sneezing Sally’s sippy?
This is a purchase you, and your husband, will be happy with. Really. Order your Bumpyname Oribit Labels from Inchbug, using code MWS9157 and you’ll recieve Free Shipping for purchases over $30.00 through September 15, 2007. Additionally, they are also offering a complimentary 2-year subscription to a leading parenting magazine.

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