“Tonight, my pretties, we’ll be serving up a cous-cous and cauliflower coulis, with a hint of yogurt curry, followed by an apricot pear rice pudding”
Sound far fetched for an eight month old? Not when you have the Beaba Babycook! This wonderful device cooks and purees baby’s food for you, so quickly and easily it’s almost unbelievable.
Lets get one thing straight. I am a capitol “L” Lazy chef. Anything over five minutes in the microwave and two pots to wash and I am thinking maybe I should order out. Or save it for a special occasion. Like a party. Which I would probably want to have catered come to think of it… I’m more of a cupcake decorator than a dinner maker. I frost. I sprinkle. But I don’t like to toil in the kitchen.
However I do like fresh and healthy food. I am making an effort to serve mostly organic items and plenty of fresh veggies to my family. We’re even growing some of our own. I just hate that part about preparing them. Almost as much as I hate washing up afterwards. Dear sweet doomed veggies…They do look so pretty in the fridge before they spoil though!
I guess you can see why the idea of preparing baby food never really progressed past the “idea” phase for me, in the past. My poor kids were stuck eating flavorless jarred foods with the “treat” of organic home delivery every once in a while. You haven’t lived till you’ve had organic sweet potatoes (with a price tag that rivals that of the finest beluga caviar)delivered to your doorstep on dry ice.
I won’t be shelling out anymore. Because the Beaba Babycook is easy enough even for lazy old me. The hardest part of using it is peeling the organic potato. Seriously, this is what takes the longest and makes the most mess.
The Babycook steams and blends foods in one baby safe, BPA-free container. You just fill the steamer reservoir with a little water, pop the steamer basket of (peeled and cut up) ingredients into the blending container and set the dial to “steam”. It takes less than 30 seconds to do this. You are then good to go check your email, take a shower, whatever. Ten minutes later (or a little longer if you want to enjoy that shower) you come back and the Beaba Babycook is done steaming and has automatically turned off. Simply blend the steamed food, maybe adding a little liquid till you get the right consistancy. Viola! Baby food done! Again, less than 30 seconds.
Clean-up is super fast as well because there is just the one small container and steamer insert to wash.
Using the Beaba Babycook I am able to create 4-5 servings of a healthful meal for my baby in less time than it takes to go to the grocery store and purchase a jar of the pre-made stuff. At a fraction of the price. Who knew that making my own baby food would be the ideal solution for a lazy gourmet like me?
Freed from my fear of drudgery, I am really enjoying coming up with creative and healthful food combos for my baby. I enjoy pulling appropriate ingredients from our family meal for him to eat. I actually taste his food and it is good! Nothing at all like the gross stuff in the jars. My son has yet to turn away from a homecooked meal. Poor thing was traumatized, however, when my mom offered him jarred food at a recent visit. She ended up steaming carrots in the microwave steamer and mixing them with applesauce in her food processor. I’m just glad I did not have to clean up!

Please note:
You don’t have to tell anyone (including my mom) that it’s ridiculously easy to make baby food using the Beaba Babycook. Let them think you toil because you are so eco, hip, pc, creative, earthy, super-mama genius-y. I won’t rat you out if you don’t tell on me!
‘m not sure whether I should jump for joy or throw a royal tantrum that I did not have this wonderful device for whipping up baby food when my other three kids were cutting their first teeth. It’s not inexpensive but it definitely pays for itself in savings when used regularly. It’s a fabulous investment in the long run and one you will continue to use into the toddler years as it is perfect for making those sneaky “purees” that are so popular for health-i-fying your daily meals.
Purchase your Beaba Babycook at Giggle. Check out weelicious for homemade babyfood recipes and inspiration.


  1. Pasbiengrande says

    This cooker is really popular in Europe and my sister makes a lot of delicious meals for her daughter with this. This is a really good news that it’s arriving in North America. (It would be a far better one if I can find some in Montreal, Canada)

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