OMG people.  O.M.G. That seems to be the only appropriate thing to say over this one.

For the last several years, I’ve been working hard to work out regularly and eat right.  I’ve been doing well for almost three years now thanks to 5+ days a week of exercising and daily logins with  But this past Thanksgiving weekend reminded me of how quickly we can fall from healthy habits and how much they can totally derail your best laid plans.

So I stepped on the scale this morning.  I weigh in once a week mid-week, anywhere from a Tuesday-Thursday.  I will admit to peeking over the weekend as I must be some sort of glutton for punishment.  The day after Thanksgiving I had gained 3.5 lbs already since my weigh in four days before.  But I laughed it off and figured it was Turkey day bloating and it would pass.

Today as I got ready to step on the scale, I had a feeling it would be bad.  I’m still feeling gross from Thanksgiving.  I stepped on and…. wait for it… shouted aloud when I saw I have gained 7 lbs in a week’s time.

I deserve some sort of medal for that, right?  Like, that’s a feat of epic proportions?   I’ve pretty much gained an entire mashed potato and gravy newborn baby in 7 days. It feels pretty disgusting.  Who does that?

How about you guys?

Absurd.  Not eating.  Ever again.

But for real, I’m back on track and eating right and am posting this because I want to read it the week before Christmas so I can remind myself not to chow down.  Not worth it for sure – nothing tastes that good and it makes me feel like crap afterwords! Do you hear me Christmas Eve Whitney??!!


  1. Not surprising when I heard about all your wonderful menus!!!!!!!!!
    Not to worry, bet it’s gone in a week!!! great thing about exercise…it really helps to take off that sudden weight!!!

    • I hope it’ll be gone in a week! I do realize that much of it has to be water weight, but still — gross! That Thanksgiving menu was pretty delish 😀

      • Whitney, you should try Bikram Yoga. It will melt the gravy and potatoes right off! Check out Bikram Yoga Exton:) See you in the hot room.

        • lol Amy… do you know me? I couldn’t sit still for an hour if you paid me a million dollars. Thank God for ACAC at least!!!

          • whit- if you like acupuncture, you would love yoga. . seriously. . Hey :’try it ,you might like it’. . . that from an old ad years ago(for all you young folk).

  2. well ,I would NEVER gain that weight. . ha-believe that and I also have a bridge in brooklyn to sell ya. . you got it right when you said it takes so long and such discipline to make such good strides only to lose it with a tiny digression aka OOmpah’s delish gravy.. . and let’s not forget the Pumpkin ice cream pie. . .
    my new diet secret. . fish, fish and more fish. . . .let’s see if it works. . .

  3. LOL. That scale graphic kills me.

    p.s. whenever I see some larger-than-expected change on the scale I always presume the scale is broken or “off”. The benefit of weighing in at our health club with a scale that need calibrating. That thing can’t be trusted. Unless it looks like I lost 2lbs after 30 min on the elliptical. Then that thing is spot on.

    • Kate – lol I totally made that graphic too. It was so appropriate.

      I COMPLTELY thought, “scale must be broken” too HAHAHA! Seriously it does need a battery change….

      In other news, stepping on today & hoping it was all a big fluke. Will report back

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