It’s like a little alarm clock went off in my body when I turned 40. Bing bing! She’s 40! Time to start having stuff break!

It’s funny but it’s also the truth! I remember hearing friends in their 40s complain about their achy-breaky bodies but I thought, That won’t be me….

Ha! As I said, something clicked and my body isn’t what it was in my 20s. The worst culprits are my lower back and my neck. For starters, a couple of years ago I pulled a muscle in my neck while sleeping. That took months, if not years to get better and I still to this day get a little bit of stiffness there if I sleep awkwardly.

And the biggest issue is my back. It’s stiff and sore much of the time. I don’t let it stop me from exercising – in fact, I work out anywhere from 4-6 times a week. But it takes time each morning for the stiffness to work it’s way out. Sometimes I can’t even bend down to tie my shoes in the morning and I have to have my kids do it before I stretch out enough.

For this post, I tested out Biofreeze Pain Reliever products – safe & effective pain relief alternatives that you can buy over-the-counter {available at major retailers near you – use the store locator to see where}. I was interested in checking them out because they arenon-systemic, non-narcotic, and contain no NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), salicylates or addictive substances. They’re also not tested on animals and produced in the United States.


Also – when I pulled my neck – I found that cold, not hot helped ease the pain so the idea of something named BioFREEZE seemed right. You can’t always carry around a baggy full of ice (not practical since it’ll melt!) but having a product that mimics ice seemed pretty spot on to me.

I received samples of the Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel, the Biofreeze Pain Relief Roll-On and the Biofreeze Pain Relief 360 Spray.

My favorite is the Roll-On, it’s just easy. I have been using that on my neck and I love the soothing cool feeling it gives when I’m achy! And I like the Roll-On for a small area like the neck. I like it for on-the-go too to stash in my gym bag.

The Gel and the Spray seem like great options when you have a bigger area you need to soothe – like the lower back. The Spray is definitely very easy application and is good for reaching tough to get at spots.


The other thing I liked about the Biofreeze products too was the smell – or the lack of it. There’s a slight menthol smell but I can only really smell it when I smell it straight out of the bottle or product. So many OTC products have really strong scents that I sometimes feel like I’m a walking pharmacy when I use it. So I appreciate the subtle smell. Also – the Biofreeze Pain Reliever products are available in both its signature green color and colorless (dye-free) options.

Biofreeze Topical analgesics can be used for back issues, arthritis, sore muscles & joints, sprains, strains and bruises.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Jennifer Schlagheck says

    I would like free samples for my patients to try… I am professional counselor that practices in holistic medicine… i know your product works wonders…
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