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20140219-133030.jpg On a recent trip to Florida, we were lucky enough to ride in style with a Cadillac SRX at our disposal for the week.  The boys proclaimed they wanted to trade in our minivan and get one of these cars and I have to say, I was tempted after using all of the perks that come along with the SRX!

I’ve been wanting to downsize for awhile and I don’t know if we’ll do it but as our kids are getting older (10, 7), we don’t need all of the benefits of a minivan other than the space for travel.

Everything we love about our minivan other than the size was available in the Cadillac SRX plus some!  Some of the features we oohed and ached about included:

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Double rear-seat DVD entertainment.  Each passenger has their own screen!  They are flip up 8-inch screens and they come with two wireless headphones. There’s a dual-play capability which allows for different movies on each screen, or a video game on one and movie on the other.  I don’t think I have to tell Moms how awesome this feature is – even with two boys who are older, we have different movies that they may or may not want to watch.  My 10 year old only wants non-fiction, educational nature shows or movies and the 7 year old is still into watching children’s movies.  Having a dual play feature would be awesome.

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Side Blind Zone Alert.
  Hubby especially loved this one.  There’s a little light that flashes in your side rear view mirror on either side if there’s a car in your blind spot.

Navigation and CUE. We loved the built-in nav. It seemed to be a lot smarter than the one we currently have.  It also featured CUE, Cadillac User Experience, which involves natural voice recognition a lot like Siri in your iPhone! Here’s a bit about CUE from the Cadillac website:

CUE – ­ Cadillac User Experience – is the first interface to use Natural Voice Recognition for music, navigation and phone commands. This lets you speak as you would in conversation and not with awkward commands and sequences, making your interaction with CUE easier and more responsive.

And it probably comes without saying but so you can get a visual, there’s tons of fab storage and cup holders throughout the car.  This is the console between the two passenger seats, great for the kids for drinks and whatever else they need to put down:

And I didn’t snap a photo of it, but there are USB chargers in the console in the front between the driver and the passenger! The Cadillac SRX has an MSRP starting price of $37, 505.

And here’s a couple of last photos:






Disclaimer:  I was loaned a Cadillac SRX for the days I was in Florida to test drive and facilitate this review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. What a SWEET ride! I love all the little details- the cup holders, the USB chargers– seriously looks like such a great all purpose vehicle and so great looking too!

  2. that looks AMAZING!

  3. Cadillacs have just been awesome the past five or so years. This one looks awesome – and great for a family with all the comfort features. I am dying to trade in my minivan but we’re still in 3 car seats. Ugh.

  4. Whitney. I am really, truly in awe of this car. I cannot even imagine how awesome it must have been to have it at your disposal for the week–but your post ROCKS!! It’s amazing, and I will definitely share it any time a friend is looking for a new car. Really thorough, detailed, and comprehensive. Woot!

  5. Looks like a FANTASTIC vehicle. Love it!


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