Has the thought of going over the mountains and through the woods, with children in tow, been really dragging down your holiday travel plans?
Well a drag is a drag, unless of course, that drag is a bag. A bag with wheels. Better yet, a hip and stylish, innovatively-cool bag with wheels that your children can drag themselves, or be dragged along on. Suddenly we’re singing…
Rolling luggage for adults and kids has been around for ages. And while there are plenty of basic rolling kid’s bags pink-satin.gif
out there, none of them have exactly reinvented the wheel. Untill now. Recently I’ve found two bags worth planning a whole trip around.
First up, we have Gogogeargoods. Designed by the wife of a chiropractor, who is dedicated to lightening school kids loads, these are about the coolest kid’s bags I have seen in a long long time. They are not inexpensive, but remember the travel value, and then have a look at that cheap character backpack you got two months ago at Target. If it is anything like our Target backpacks of seasons past, it is already coming apart at the seams and has a semi funtional zipper on one pocket. Gogogeargoods bags are not those bags. They are much higher quality and made to last. After three months of hard core packed to the gills fourth-grade abuse, our bag is still rolling proud, and looking sharp. And Gogogeargoods bags are loaded with great bonus features that other bags just don’t offer. Like a padded computer compartment, id wallet, keychain and matching lunch/toiletries bag with built in ipod speakers. No stock characters here. Just fabulous pucci like prints, pink satin and rhinestones (there are cool camo and skater dude styles for your boys too). Everything is quality constructed from sturdy well made parts. A little warning: you may not want to show these bags to your daughters. Because once they hear that Britney Spears little sister Jamie Lynn, aka “Zoey 101”, has one, they will pester you relentlessly till you cave. Which you should! Because these bags are the cutest things ever and for once, they will haul their own stuff onto the plane. I’m gonna level with you here. I want one of these for me! Mommies with style, you’re already on a roll – saving 15% when you shop for your bag at Adyson’s Alley using code 212065100, now through December.
Once your school aged child is dealing with his/her own luggage, you are free to drag your toddler around. Literally. On a Trunki Case. These ingenious hard sided toddler suitcases trunki.jpg
hail from the UK and are the sane and logical answer to the scores of toddlers I have seen perched precariously atop their parents rolling bags or luggage trolleys. Not that I have done that! Oh no, not me! Trunki cases safely do double duty as a ride on toy. So when your child tires of dragging his/her suitcase full of coloring books, ipods and other onboard entertainment necessities, they can hop aboard the gently curved saddle, hold the plastic horns, and scoot along on it. A removeable strap allows you to drag them along as well. Which just may make it possible to make it through the endless check in line without a meltdown. It’s sized to take onboard but I don’t recommend rolling up and down the aisles midflight. The other passengers might get jealous. Trunki cases are not widely available yet in the US, but can be had at the MoMA Design Storefor the more than fair price of $40. Make sure to check out the Trunki web site as well for lots of free travel-with-kids advice, games and “Are we there yet?” coupons to make your trip a smooth ride.
I wish you all safe passage this travelling season. Keep an eye out for us in a terminal near you. We’ll be the family singing “Merrily we roll along”…


  1. i SO want one of those trunki cases for bella! and i say this knowing that we have NO PLANS to leave the midwest (or sadly, even the state) anytime soon. 😛
    very cute … and reasonable at $40. are they pretty good sized?

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