I used to take and put together the cutest photo albums. I have personalized albums that I used to buy at Exposures – leather bound albums dated from 2003-2009. What happened in 2009? Nothing… I just slowly stopped taking as many photos. Stopped taking them, stopped printing them out and certainly stopped putting them together into a nice photo album.

The more social media and technology happens, the more we lose old traditions like old school photography.

It is what it is and the world evolves. Which is why I LOVE that I found the modern day version of a photo album and a way to store photos and remember memories withMy Social Book. If you are a sharer on Facebook, as I am, this is an amazing option for you!

It’s a photo album of all of your statuses and photos including all of the interactions from your friends, which is such a fun thing to remember. You can select the timeline you want for your book. I tried out my first album for an 18 month period for 2014 through half of 2015.

Here is the cover:


How fun looking is that – even just the cover! My Social Book uses your profile picture and your cover photo for the background up at the top.

Here are a couple of sample pages from my own book – I love how this reads like a journal and not just a photo album:




Just to give you an idea of cost, my book was around $70. It’s huge. I went with a paperback cover but you can customize and select so many different options like color, cover and more.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.28.42 PM
You can connect your Instagram too! Visit MySocialBook.com and you can view of what your book would look like. I’m really happy with mine.


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