LOVE the assortment of Christmas pajamas that launched on sale today on Zulily. I ordered 4 sets of Christmas PJs today when I saw they went on sale and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. Most years, I find myself picking through the leftovers at Target and online by Thanksgiving when most of them are sold out. But once I saw the assortment of what was available from Zulily this year, especially the ones that are geared towards making fun of 2020.

I found a set for each of us that fits our personality perfectly, all while matching us with the same bottoms. I ordered from this collection of Holiday pajamas from Zulily. A couple of us may be getting masked PJs and one particular grumpy teenager may be getting one about Christmas sarcasm.

Anyway, check these out and take it from my procrastinating self, order soon, if not these, Christmas PJs somewhere else because they do sell out quickly.  

Need some inspiration on what to pick?
I love this one, for Moms. This one is a great one for a cat lover and was a runner up for me.

Here’s one if you want to flatter your husband and scar your kids. This one‘s good for the lazy, tech-savvy Mom. (I almost got this one for me)

This one‘s for your family member who posts way too much about the election on Facebook.

And for your sassy teenager.

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