sofinekids.jpg I have a favorite sofa in my house. Sadly it is too small for me to sit on. But it is just the perfect size for my 3 yo. It is a Trans Am sofa from SoFine Kids. That’s right, my boy has a Trans Am!
My son may not be old enough to appreciate the retro chic automotive-inspired styling and easy wipe-clean vinyl upholstery on his iconic little sofa. But he’s just thrilled to have a perfectly scaled piece of furniture to lounge on. And I imagine, when he sits on his little sofa, he is envisioning himself in the driver’s seat.
If you have never laid eyes on SoFine Kids sofas, you had better brace yourself. Three of the site’s four sofas are named for classic cars – the Mustang, the Trans Am and the Chevy (pictured on the right). Just looking at them made my heart race.
Matching your decor is not an issue as the sofas come in dozens of color choices to suit any gender child and any room color scheme. Choosing just one is the tough part. These sofas are extremely well made and durable, and will make for many fond memories and cherished hand me downs. They are extremely well priced for fine kids furniture as well – running from $225 to $245. And you’ll be happy to hear – shipping is free!

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