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Wanted to make a quick mention of this awesome app my friend Rachel turned me onto. It’s called Any List and it’s a simple app, one where you can create a list and have a shared account.

My husband and I have both downloaded this app and now share one grocery list, which is just awesome in so many ways. We both add what we need as we’re going about our day and you can very easily tick off an item once you buy it. This is all I shop with at the grocery store now. (It’s been invaluable while doing the Whole30)

You can create other lists with it too – not just grocery lists. Gift ideas, books to read, etc. Or make separate store lists (grocery store, Home Depot, etc.)

The premium versionapparently gives you can way import your recipes and it’ll populate your grocery list with the items you need to make a recipe but I have yet to try this piece of it out but it sounds pretty cool.

Here’s more info about Any List on the iTunes App store.

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