I’m like the next girl, on a quest for that magic bullet, the one that will make me thinner, richer and perfectly organized. An inspiration to my peers perhaps.
Yet despite flinging my silly self in front of multiple products, firing out costly cures and solutions for all that ail me, I have yet to get hit. Until recently, when I tried out the Butler bag. That magic bullet struck right at the core of my cluttered and disorganized heart. My bag. I was about to get a whole life makeover.
Like so many great inventions, the Butler bag was invented by a Mom. “Necessity is the Mother of all invention” but perhaps it should read “Mothers make the best inventions”. Seriously. Tell me the last time you heard about a man who was crafty enough to stick a dishwasher cutlery tray in a diaper bag? That was the deft mommy manuever that Jen Groover resorted to, in order to organize her diaper own bag. And the “Aha!” moment that led her to create the Butler bag.
Over the years, I have tried more “stuff containment systems” for my personal effects than the container store (aka my “happy” place) could ever sell. I own diaper and wipe pouches, makeup bags, card and cellphone cases galore. I have some bags with more specialized secret interior pockets than a CIA operatives best pair of work pants.
Regardless of the system, they all start with perfect organization and a liberal dose of good intentions. But by the middle of the day – uh oh. I can never remember which neatly packet and closed pouch or pocket is supposed to contain what. No time to refresh my memory. While calming my toddler at Starbucks I toss my change right into the belly of the beast, along with a half eaten brownie. Later, as I merge on the I-405 and scrabble through the bag du jour I think, “Now where did I put my sunglasses?” I hear the distant ring of my cellphone, lost in yet another mysterious location within the bag. My frantic efforts to fish out phone and glasses net me twelve cents and a crumb covered, uncapped lipstick before the whole bag topples to the passenger seat floor. If I am lucky, there’s a clean diaper on top of the mess, and I can wipe off my hand before I get into an accident.
butlerin.jpg All that is a thing of the past with the Butler bag. A classy and luxe leather basic bag on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that will change your life. Because rather than take the usual pouch and pocket approach to organization, this bag has a novel idea. The inside sports a sturdy built in tray that resembles a dresser organizer – or a cutlery tray. Items placed in the various compartments stay upright, neatly separated and most importantly, visible, at all times. The organizer ensures that the bag is stable. Never tippy. And suddently scrabbling around is a thing of the past.
So simple. So brilliant. So basic that I was skeptical. But I was wrong to be. Because I’ve tried it and you betcha it worked. Perfectly. So much so that I put off this review. Just so I could keep testing the bag a little longer. I keep trying to go back to other bags, don’t want them to get lonely. But it’s tough I tell you. The Butler really has changed my life. Plus, It’s a matter of safety. I need to be able to find my sunglasses while I merge! Get your act together and get yourself a Butler too. Available online in two sizes (the larger works as a small diaper bag), and multiple colors. These bags are very reasonably priced and the site offers free shipping when you order any two bags.

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