cpanty.jpgC-panty is where medicine meets fashion. Sort of. They fall into the daunting category of “therapeutic garment”. But they look pretty darn good/unscary for a medical device.
Post Partum undies are the subject of much joking and bashing. Granny pants jokes aside, choosing a pair of panties when you have just had a c-section is a serious decision. You want something that does not rub in the wrong place, and provides comfort to your tender healing tummy. Friends who had been through c-sections advised me to stock up on the disposible mesh panties at the hospital, because anything I bought would be less comfy and would end up in the trash too.
But then I found C-Panty. This clever pair of panties was invented by the wife of a surgeon, who had herself undergone a c-section. It looks like ordinary undies (not the granny type) but on the inside there is a silicon panel that sits against the incision site. Silicon keeps the wound moist and promotes healing. The undies are also knit to provide support/compression which results in a flatter scar. Best of all the C-Panty is comfortable to wear. It’s not too high and not too low.
If you are scheduled for a C, do yourself a big favor and order some of these. It’s an investment in your healing process and way way more comfortable that the disposibles!


  1. I’ve been meaning to write these up as well. I could have used some of these for sure! I had no idea – first one was an emergency C and I went to put on my low rise panties afterwards and boy was that a wake up call. (ouch)
    My Mom ended up running to Walmart and getting me the biggest, fuggliest pack of Hanes granny panties that would cover well over the incision. Brought them for my second C as well.

  2. I definitely could have use these after my emergency c-section! Underwear bothered the incision, but fortunately, I had super-low-rise panties that did OK. These would have be infinitely better, though! Now we need c-section shorts and jeans!

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