quinnyleo.jpgYou know how superheroes have really cool cars? Pimped out technicolor versions of what the rest of us drive? What about their kids?
Surely super babies deserve their own set of special wheels. Which is why my own little boy wonder can be seen flying through the preschool parking lot and shopping mall, wowing admiring onlookers in a Cobalt Blue Quinny Zapp. Cobalt blue is the latest fashion forward shade that this amazing stroller is available in, and it’s mesmerizing. As is my son’s ability to stay awake three days at a stretch and hurl peas to the far side of the kitchen counter where my cell phone is resting. But I digress…
The Zapp (perfect superhero ride name, don’t you think?) is a super stroller with some super features. It folds up amazingly small, into it’s own carrying case. It’s actually the worlds smallest folding stroller. Which makes it perfect for a fast getaway anywhere, anytime. And yes, it even fits into a phone booth, if you can find one these days! It also fits on the floor of the passenger side of the car or on the back of your bike. No worries about getting it into the trunk of your own super-vehicle. Check out the video demo, for a better idea of just how compact it is.
The Zapp is lightweight and athletic, dancing over the pavement and taking turns nimbly thanks to a full suspension. The front wheel is lockable for icy conditions. New parents take note – the Zapp forms a dynamic duo with the Maxi Cosi Mico infant carseat. The stroller (sans carseat) works from 6 months to about age 4 or 50 lbs which is a very generous range! It’s really all you need to get rolling on your way to many a great adventure. If uninspired strollers are your krytonite, protect your super hero status and shield yourself from boring ordinariness with a Quinny Zapp. We’ve chosen Cobalt as our own super flavor but you can choose from a palette of blast-off worthy tints including Citron, Mandarin, Strawberry and Black for your own caped crusader.
01274STB Zapp 4- Strawberry.jpgFeatures & Specs:
* Super compact fold – ideal for travel
* Ultra lightweight aluminum frame
* Compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat
* Front swivel wheels
* Stain resistant and durable nylon fabric i
* 5 point padded harness
* Wheel are easily removed
* Easy to Use parking brakes on rear wheel
* Includes a shopping basket
* Includes sun canopy, rain cover, travel bag and Maxi Cosi carseat adaptors
* Age: 6 months to 4 years or 50 lbs
* Stroller Weight: 18 lbs
Please refer to the Quinny site for a Quinny Zapp dealer near you.

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