You know, I wasn’t thrilled when I received Complete Idiot’s Guide books this spring. I mean, I know its a well known series, and all, but the title… well, who would want to show off that she’s carrying a book that classifies her as an idiot? But now that I’ve started reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 40,000 Baby Names, I’m feeling like anyone who hasn’t picked up and enjoyed this book may be the idiot. Sure, I have an excuse to read a baby name book: we’re no where near having decided on a name. But even if you aren’t searching for a baby name, you should check out this book. It has 200 lists including Shakesperian names, children’s literature names, Wican names and famous athlete’s names… pretty much every type of name list you can imagine. I’ve been having a great time reading plenty of the names out loud and got stuck at my favorite section that lists pen names and given names of stars. (Lots I didn’t know there!) This book is so much fun I’m likely to hold onto it as a reference even after my baby really does have a name. A very fun book, it steps away from the usual listing with nicknames, origins and descriptions (the section is still there, its just not as all inclusive.) Its currently about 30% off at Amazon.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Sign Language is a descriptive intro to sign-language that will be so helpful for parents wanting join the ever-more-popular baby signing trend. Since we signed with both of our boys, I skipped around this book, but one who needs an intro to signing with baby will appreciate the easy-to-read intro to what BSL really is. The book includes descriptions of benefits of signing with a child, as well typical expectations one should have. If I were new to baby signing, I would love the chapter “Introducing Baby’s First Signs” because it teaches parenting steps with diagrams and explanations. There’s also a great “pictionary” of signs that children will be likely to need during their first year or so (which is a benefit to us… as a review of what we learned before, and an excellent reference for new words. We found it at 35% off at If you’re planning to sign with your child, I’d grab a few copies–its not just good for parents, but good for grandparents, teachers and babysitters.
So, I’m convinced, The Complete Idiot’s series isn’t really insulting. Its smart. It teaches, classifies and guides in simple ways that make learning easy for very busy parents. I do wish the series included indexes as I can see them benefitting readers of both of these books. Even without an index, these are excellent references that make learning simple.


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