8251279_188_thI am sure you’ve heard of the Cooshee Booster Seats (now called the Cooshee Booster Classic) — my neighbor downstairs has owned one for years and swears by it!  Babysmart, USA, the company behind them, recently came out with a changing pad called the Cooshee Changer ($59.99). Headed up by mom of three, Diane Zissu, this company keeps coming out with terrific baby and toddler-friendly products.

Since my toddler was always so … um … messy in the diaper department, keeping those terry cloth covers on his contoured changing pad was useless. I was washing them everyday; I would rather have just wiped something down. So I used the vinyl pad underneath, but after a year of using this pad, it’s kind of destroyed and ripped. Our own Ciaran tipped me off to how cool the Cooshee Changer looked. I loved it immediately because it didn’t need to be used with a cover and is easily cleanable (and non-toxic). We tested out the new dark blue "bluebird" color.

Testing it with a 2 year old: Yes, it was a little smaller than my currently changing pad, but the high sides and built in pillow easily contained my tall 2 year old. It was soft and did not get cold like our other changing pad. It easily fit on our changing table. My toddler stayed put on it, because the high sides really contained him —  which was not the case with the vinyl pad we had been using. Ben usually tries to bolt as soon as I get him on the changing table. The Cooshee Changer was comfortable and nicely padded (and it wasn’t cold like the vinyl pad is in the middle of the night). I think the word I would use is cushy!! It’s made of a micro-cell foam with an anti-bacterial surface. I loved that it was lightweight and waterproof. Also, it’s non-allergenic and not made with latex. You can use a baby wipe to quickly clean it off.  And it is a cool as it looks!!

Testing it with a newborn: I had planned to use it primarily with our new baby girl and I am happy to report that it worked even better than with my two year old. My twp year old child is still sleeping in the nursery, and the baby is sleeping in our room, while the Cooshee Changer is currently in our den. Since I also had a C-Section, you can bring this changer anywhere in your house (like on the bed) and easily change your baby without fear of making a mess.   It elevates my baby’s head and I was also really pleased that the raised sides all around the changer contain the baby’s diaper mishaps (even the middle of the night diaper blowouts). It is also so easy to clean up afterwards. I also liked that it did not skid on the wicker trunk we use as coffee table (but I would still keep one hand on the baby if you have to turn away). I highly recommend adding this to your registry or gifting- it’s a highly useful baby gift (and super cute too). I absolutely love using this changing pad! 

Recommended ages are birth to age 3.

Go to Babysmart, USA  to find a retailer or do a search on thefind.com.

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