Last week, I wrote in anticipation of a trip away to Puerto Rico with my husband — without kids. While excited to get away, I was stressed to leave my kids. As predicted, as soon as the plane took off out of Philadelphia, I started to feel much more relaxed.

So fast forward to arriving in Puerto Rico.  Imagine a Mom and Dad alone in a tropical paradise, no kids and several kid-free days ahead of them.  What do they do with themselves?

All I had envisioned was sitting myself in a lounge chair by the pool or beach and not leaving for several days.  While there’s a vast array of day trips available in Puerto Rico, I figured we’d only do one or two things and spend the time relaxing.

And we did.  But.  I’m such a Mom now.  While I did worry at times that I was to become a permafixture on the chaise lounge because I was sitting there so long, I found I can no longer just sit and relax with ease the way I used to.

For the first few days, I was especially restless and kept asking hubby if we should go take a day hike in the rainforest or something.  (To which he looked at me like I had four heads)

We did enjoy several walks and worked out every day.  In addition to that, we spent a half day strolling and then having dinner in Old San Juan which is just beautiful.  But I find I can’t just sit and sun bathe for hours on end anymore the way I used to.  I found myself watching kids in the beach and wanting to help them build a sand castle.  It’s a little bit crazy, right?

Side note, I managed to read the latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series which is vampire smut at it’s best and such a perfect pool side read.  Had to make a note of it because it’s what’s displaying on my Kindle there – gotta love it!


  1. LOL – vampire smut. Hope you had a great trip!

  2. Did you read the last one (about Payne)? I’m looking forward to the next published one!

    • Jodi – yah that’s the one! I’m not done – like 92% through, should finish up tonight or tomorrow. It’s really good! I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I have!

  3. Dying for the latest installment to come out. I’ve read them all. You know I can’t live without that vampire smut 🙂 xo

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