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Do you guys remember Theo & Beau?  They are the viral napping duo whose totally adorable photos went crazy online last year.  Their mother is Jessica Shyba; she is a blogger friend of mine and the owner of the blog Momma’s Gone City.  I looked forward to her photos on Instagram every day when she posted them — and still do now that the napping pair has added their adorbs baby sister into the sleeping mix!  Millions of other people do too.  I think in the midst of a world filled with so much negative imagery and news online on a daily basis, it’s nice to have a little breath of fresh air and see something as simple and lovely as this.

Well today marks the release of her book Naptime with Theo & Beau, $10.61 on Amazon.  It’s a collection of some of the photos shared and some new photos too.  How cute is this book for a coffee table?  You have to be a rock to not smile at the preciousness that exists within the pages of this book.

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Additional awesomeness:  the Shybas rescued Theo from the Santa Cruz SPCA and a portion of the proceeds from the book will go back to the Santa Cruz SPCA.

You can get Naptime with Theo & Beau, $10.61 on Amazon starting today.


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