I have found the cutest little girly hoodie for my daughter.  Now I could tell you that I love to put her in hoodies because they’re comfortable, or practical, or that they keep her warm.  The truth of the matter is that I love wearing them, and anything in miniature size is just adorable.  The ruffled zip up hoodie by b. children’s wear is, by far, the cutest hoodie that I have for my daughter, and if it came in adult sizes I would wear it!  On the practical side, it washes very well and has been great for layering on the few chilly days we’ve had so far this fall.

The black hoodie (or “zippy” as my Irish friends would call it) is embellished with blue-green, jersey ruffles and is just darling.  It comes in sizes 3-6months to a Youth 12.  (I’m going to work on that adult size…)  They come pre-shrunk, so it’s best to order a size larger than normal.  The ruffled zip up hoodie retails for $34 and can be purchased on b. children’s wear’s etsy site along with some other adorablely, unique items like onesies and t-shirts.  Plus, if you place an order of more than $50 by the end of October with b. children’s wear you will receive free shipping!

A sample of this product was provided for review on Mommies with Style.

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