babieplates.jpgI used to have this recurring nightmare. It involved going to Disneyland with my kids. We’d all be having fun until we got back to the stroller parking area, after a ride. I’d attempt to reclaim my stroller. Only suddenly there would be twenty other strollers parked there that looked exactly like mine. They’d have unfamiliar stains and other kids’ sweatshirts in them. A feeling of panic would wash over me. The cure? BabiePlates.
BabiePlates are not the flimsy kiddo license plates of your childhood. They are oh so much cooler and more substantial. And European. Who can help but rubberneck when they see a set of cool black and white European license plates? They just smack of high end, don’t they?And they allow you to immediately identify your stroller in a crowd, deter theives and provide added safety/reflection for nighttime strolls.
Each BabiePlates license plate is custom made with your child’s name and date of birth. You can further customize them with a flag or even a picture of your child. Use them on your stroller or find somewhere else to hang your plates. When our kids are older and out of their strollers, we plan use the plates to decorate their rooms. In the meanwhile, my son delights in seeing his name and that of his baby brother on the double jogger. It also helps end arguments over who sits where.
So many of my neighbors have asked me where to get these that I am thinking that we will make them our new standard baby gift.
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