Okay well maybe it wasn’t ALL the Lilly Pulitzer dresses but it was enough dresses that I had trouble carrying them all into the dressing room when I was at the store last week. You know those sales girls were just LOOOOOVING me.

I was after a couple of dresses for several events I had coming up. Last weekend I had my nephew’s graduation party, a Polo match event (Kentucky Derby style) and this week I have a wedding.

I stopped into Lilly P specifically with the Polo match in mind, but I was open to finding more than one dress since I have a few parties to get dressed up for. I stumbled upon a big sale. Here’s some of the dresses I tried on (like I said, there were a ton so this isn’t even all of them!)

This Rachelle Dress was one of my absolute favs. I didn’t end up getting it because I didn’t think it was formal enough for the wedding nor that it was the best choice for the Polo match but I am kind of sad I didn’t just get it to just to get it. This one was NOT on sale soI think that’s what discouraged me but I’m kind of having didn’t-purchase regret now that I’m home. The embroidery and detailing on the top is just the cutest.

The others were all sale dresses – I highly encourage you to get to your local Lilly Pulitzer if you have one near you. Here are some of the ones I tried on with similar dresses linked:

Similar: Adelina Shift Dress


Similar: Valli Printed Shift Dress

Similar: Sofia Lace Shift Dress

I ended up with a pink crocheted dress that I wore to thePolo Match last weekend. I also got this hat on sale at Nordstrom – it’s a nice time to buy Derby hats because they are all on sale if you’re in the market for one for next year!

And here’s the dress – went with hot pink to be fun and different! No similar dresses on the website to link to.



  1. All beautiful!!! Love the Adelina Shift.

  2. Ditto Brenda’s comments. Loved them all!

  3. Love the pink and the Sofia Lace super cute on you!

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