The latest bag I’ve been carrying is the Baby Skooch, the “incognito diaper bag.” There’s truth in the tag line, this bag doesn’t scream “diaper bag” as some others do. It’s a simple and functional design – outside pockets to hold bottles and sippy cups, and two adjustable straps that can be clipped and unclipped to suit your needs.
The strap thing took me a few uses to get efficient with, but I’m a master with it now – if I’m headed into the mall or somewhere with a stroller, I simply unclip the straps on each side and then clip them around the stroller handle/s and I’m set to go. We’ve been using the Sit n Stand in the mall lately – as my 3-year-old likes to crawl in and out of his own accord. In the past, this has been an issue as he always complains about my diaper bag which is typically hanging low and in his way – the Skooch hangs higher and securely so he’s been able to push it aside and hop in and out much more easily.
I love the changing pad that comes with the bag. I’ve never been big on changing pads, I use them but have never been all that impressed with one over the other – but for some reason I’ve really been liking the Baby Skooch. It tucks away nicely into a big pocket on the side, and it’s plush. In fact, I used it over the weekend for the baby and loved the thickness of it on top of the changing station in the public bathroom I was in.
Most of the pockets on this bag are on the outside, but there’s one small zippered one on the inside. The bag comes two tone or patterned, I’m currently using the Pacific (blue/brown).
Julie’s currently carrying them on Precious Personalities – shop there and use MWS10 for 10% off, free shipping is already included.

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