You know that moment of terror you experience when you realize that your kids have a birthday party to attend in fifteen minutes and you forgot to buy a card for the gift?
How about when you are about to leave town and your best friend calls to tell you she is pregnant?
Or when you get sick the night before teacher appreciation day and cannot drag yourself out of bed to get to the store?
Never fear. There’s a single solution for all these dilemmas. The Emergency Card ™ kit from Bumper Cards. Its the perfect assortment of generic but personal cards that don’t look like you got them on sale last fall at Costco. These cards are cute and boutique enough to make you look good, each and every time you send them. Like you went out special to find the perfect card. And you kind of did. Just not then. Do it now. Order yourself a set of these cute cards and never get caught without again.
Mommies With Style save 10% when you enter the coupon code BFFMWS10 when you place your order.

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