Tebo_front_spiralThe Essential Baby Organizer: Birth to One Year ($19.95) is a follow up to The Essential Pregnancy Organizer by Dani Rasmussen and Antoinette Perez. File this one under "Smart ideas". Someone like myself, who is on her second child, is just too busy and scatterbrained to remember all the things about my daughter. Baby Allegra is already 11 weeks and I am just forgetting so many things about her. Happily, I started using this organizer to record how she is doing, so I can look back at it when she’s older.

This organizer is actually great. Everything is one place and it is quick and easy to fill everything out. It is slim enough to fit in your diaper bag. You can fill it out while you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding (if you have a table or pillow to balance on) or during those rare quiet moments.  It gives you, in one of the first few pages, a place for all your important phone numbers/ addresses: (for you and your husbandor partner, pediatrician, pharmacy, lactation consultant, nanny/sitter, friends, grandparents and health insurance company). This way, you’re not scrambling to find all these numbers in a hurry (or when grandma comes over to babysit).

The organizer is broken up into four 3 month blocks. I loved the letter to baby feature, at the end of each 3 month block. Authors Dani Rasmussen and Antoinette Perez really thought of every detail –  there’s a page for gifts, a page for baby’s world (who was the President, major headlines), and an illustrated fill-in tooth chart. You know that there are so many firsts – but will you remember each one? Just use their fill-in chart on page 13 to write them down (first outing, first smile, laugh, coo, word, food, time they rolled over, crawled, danced…)


  • Week-at-a-glance feeding, sleeping, and diapering charts
  • Baby well-check records
  • Photo pages
  • Soothing techniques
  • Sleep guidelines
  • Developmental milestone chart
  • Breastfeeding information
  • Suggested infant feeding guide from Earth’s Best
  • Interview questions for babysitters
  • First-aid guidelines from the American Red Cross
  • Convenient journal pages
  • Helpful resources
  • Pocket for paperwork or keepsakes

The book is spiral bound and 126 pages. Dimensions are 6.875” x 10”. At this price point, you could give this as a new baby gift and snag one for yourself! 

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