You know what I love to do every fall? Hint: It’s not watching the leaves. We don’t get so many leaves in Southern California.
What I love to do in fall is watch the “new shoe parade “as all the kids head back to school in their shiny spankin’ new footwear. New mary-janes and sneakers in September and come October, the shiny new boots start making an appearance in the morning marches.
IMG_0333.JPGIn our house this year the kids, from the baby on up to the tweenagers, are sporting fabulous leather shoes from Umi Shoes. I’m seriously impressed with the fit and so are the kids. I have a picky bunch and they are not the easiest to fit. Two of my kids have wide feet and one has very narrow feet. My oldest has a baffling combo of wide-in-front & narrow-in-back that makes shoe fitting particularly difficult to accomplish. And yet they all immediately proclaimed their new Umi shoes and boots were”Soooo Comfy!”.
Even my grumpy four year old, resistant to change (new shoes =change) did not want to take his Umi Shoes off once we got them on his feet. He has worn these shoes, and these shoes only, for a week straight
Somehow, Umi’s gorgeous shoes seem to work for all their feet. These shoes are soft and flexible, made of natural breathable materials and seem to conform to my kid’s feet, despite their differences. Umi explains their philosophy and committment to fit on their website. Umi shoes have really won us over. I love that I can order them online and feel confident of the fit and quality of this excellent line.


  1. You’re right, UMI shoes are really well made. They’re very stylish and look comfortable (my daughter is only 2.5 and can’t tell me if shoes are comfortable, but she’s not complaining, either). They used to be much cheaper, though. I guess that was just an introductory price. Still, they’re not expensive, either. Not for the quality you get. I used to order them on – they have good sales from time to time and a very good selection of UMI shoes.

  2. Just as an FYI: I just bought several pairs of Umi shoes for my ds from Amazon about 2 weeks ago (mostly sandals). They were up to 70% off so check it out to see if there are any good ones left! The quality is fantastic.

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