My oldest son loves to cook. At first I thought it was the whole sticking his finger in the batter thing, but it’s more than that. I think he just loves being with me and what I’m doing, and on a greater level, contributing to the family. Sure, he doesn’t really get the deeper meaning in that but he loves making something from start to finish – measuring the ingredients, mixing them and seeing the finished product come out of the stove.
Kids Central Kitchen is a great site for encouraging baking together while being healthy. All the baking mixes at Kids Central Kitchen are made of whole grains and lower in fat and sugar than the usual mixes you find in the supermarket aisle.
First we made the Swinging Monkey Banana Bread, which only needed bananas and vegetable oil added. No trans fat, it tasted great. We also got the Mudslinger Chocolate Brownie mix, which we haven’t made yet but also looks easy with the addition of only vanilla yogurt and milk.
You can check out these mixes and more on the Kids Central Kitchen site – use coupon code MOMMIES for 10% off your first order, there’s free shipping on orders over $50. Check out their bakeware and utensils too – they sell some kid-friendly colorful bowls and smiley face mixing spoons.

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