crumbchum2.jpgWhen my oldest was a little over a year old, we had a standing date for dinner with my parents at a classic all you can eat family-friendly spaghetti joint. We would dress our little princess for this occasion in a raincoat. And we would hose it off afterwards, and whisk her home to the tub. Yes the mess was spectacular. But so was her pleasure in being able to feed herself, her discovery of how to slurp a noodle, and that spaghetti sauce on a high chair tray is an excellent substitute for finger paint. Less spectacular, was her realization that the other patrons did not like having cold spaghetti flung at their heads.
crumbchum3.jpg Every parent of a two yr old has been through the messy learning to eat phase. It involves a lot of laundry, a lot of mess and a lot less dining out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because there is a convenient full body bib out there, that keeps your kid entirely covered. It’s lightweight and tucks into a pocket and cleans up like a dream. It’s called a Crumb Chum. If you’re like us, you’ll need one. Or four. You’ll want one or two in every baby bag and a few in the kitchen drawer. Crumb Chums are a moms best friend and make it so much easier to relax and just let your kids explore food, while learning vital self feeding skills.
Crumb Chums are a fave of Celebs like Shanna Moakler, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Dayna Devon.
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