You know the game. The one where the toddler “accidentally” drops her bottle on the floor. So you pick it up and give it back. And she drops it again. And you pick it up. After about 5 minutes you’re considering cutting your losses and losing the bottle. And about 2 minutes later she’s cracking up and your back and knees are demanding a trip to the masseuse.
Well, cancel your future appointments, because trips to the masseuse are no longer necessary. The game is over. Or, it will be once you attach Sippi Grips to your child’s sippy cup or bottles. With a gripping material, this bottle holder holds strongly to any shape bottle. And the velcro on both ends makes it quick and easy for Mom to attach the Sippi Grip to highchairs, strollers, car seats and more. Plus with an adjustable strap, its perfect for attaching to any of your items.
Lose the bottles, toys and sippy cups no more! Find them at Target for $9.99.

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