Where the heck did THIS GAME come from? I consider myself pretty versed in the gaming world – having two boys who are gamers and being a gamer myself, I usually know what’s coming out or what’s hot but this new game for the Nintendo Wii U called Splatoon took me by surprise.

Peripherally I started hearing about Splatoon around a month ago. It released May 27th. My kids started asking for it shortly thereafter and it was only this week that I told them they could get it if they were to gather up some old games for trade-in at Gamestop.

Cole and I stopped by after camp pick up yesterday. The first Gamestop we visited was sold out. “We can’t keep it on the shelves,” the Gamestop dude told me. He had to look up inventory in their system and I had to travel to a Gamestop I wouldn’t normally go to. Keep in mind there are 3 of them within a couple miles of my house – ALL SOLD OUT.

People are literally raving about this game. {Examples: Splatoon is the Best Game Nintendo Has Made In Years on and Splatoon Shifts Over 1 Million Copies Worldwide on}

My kids have been playing it non-stop with their friend Cooper since getting it yesterday. It’s a shooting game but it’s more family friendly than a Destiny or Call of Duty. You’re playing with a squid ink gun and you play online with other players. Two teams of four run around and verse each other in a variety of stage settings that are very skate-park looking. You’re shooting bright colored squid ink and trying to cover as much ground as you can in your team’s ink color by the time the game ends.

There’s a game story mode but my kids haven’t even checked that out yet. “This game is ALL about the online play, Mom,” I was told.

The more you play, the more you level up and you can upgrade things like your outfit and your weapons.

There’s no multiplayer from your house unless you want to do player vs player and you have to get a Wii U Pro controller to do it. Hopefully the folks at Splatoon will come up with a split screen update down the line.

Amiibo fans will be happy with this one as there are several Amiibos you can purchase and use with the game.

So it looks like you can order Splatoon off Amazon for $59.96 with no wait; or check out your local Gamestop/Target/etc but I recommend calling ahead because it definitely seems to be a hot one right now.

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