So excited its September. Tonight we saw a few season premieres and there are so many more to come. One I’m certain to program for recording this season: CBS’ The Good Wife.

Permiering September 22 and starring Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth, The huz and I viewed the pilot a few weeks ago and we were immediately hooked. In fact, resented being sent the pilot over the summer because it was too much of a big tease. We loved it. We wanted more. And instead of being told to wait a week for a new episode, we had to wait about 8 weeks.

Alicia (Margulies) was a fledgling lawyer before putting her career aside to be the wife of a politician (Noth) and raise her family. Several years later, when her husband admits to corruption, Alicia’s left to raise her family alone (though with the “help” of her MIL) while her husband fights his sentence in jail. Quickly hired by a competitive law firm, Alicia must be a wife, a mother and a lawyer required to fight to keep her job.

I look forward to watching Alicia and family adjust to their new routine, their struggles to suddenly enter this new world of a WOHM, and without the support of her husband. I’ll watch it for the competition in the firm. For the stress of the courtroom scenes. For more fast talk and deep thinking to determine how to solve a problem. I’ll watch for the smart script, Alicia’s strong character and quiet determination.

And, really, I’ll watch because I’m already hooked.

Get hooked: check out the preview on CBS’ website.

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