There is a mother-daughter struggle that begins the moment your little girl has hair at shoulder-length. It is called the Battle of the Hair.
And while it generally begins off as something relatively tame, it soon grows. Before you know it, she starts refusing to wear clips. Then she won’t let you braid her hair. She may even insist on a ponytail everyday—rain or shine, sleet or hail, wedding or soccer game—which is where my daughter and I are in our little skirmish.
th_abbylynngreenpony3.jpgIt has been hard. We have had our fair share of late mornings to school because of our own battle. But as stubborn as I am, my daughter is exponentially so (which naturally must come from her father’s side of the family). So as the old adage goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So I have with these amazingly adorable Ladybugs and Butterflies ponytail holders from Simply Lovely Gifts.
Leslie—owner of Simply Lovely Gifts—offers these chic and adorable, 3-packs of ponytail O’s. Quite honestly, they make our mornings a breeze. My daughter gets to have her hair the way she likes, and we all walk away with a cute do we can all be proud of. Thankfully, we’ve entered a time of peace…for now.
These packs are perfect for tucking in an Easter basket, giving as part of a birthday gift or as a special spring treat. Simply Lovely Gifts also offers an assortment of beautiful bracelets and necklaces. We have the pearl one and Ellie gets tons of compliments on it wherever we go. It is the perfect accent to any spring outfit.
Oh and the best part? Mommies With Style readers get 10% off with code “MWS.” So pick some up and save the hair-drama for later. You know, like when she wants to dye her hair pink.

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