Image and video hosting by TinyPic When you’re looking for some dinner ideas and want to stay away from takeout, check out The Healthy Pantry. They make healthy meal kitsall you have to do is add a few ingredients (like turkey, beef or chicken) and you’ve got a meal in around 30 minutes. Need kits that will help with weight loss? Dairy free? Gluten free? No problem! They also offer heart healthy, low sugar and  vegetarian/vegan kits.
We tested the Turkey Cowboy Chili with Blue Corn Bread ($7.99) first. The kit includes a bag of dried beans (with dried veggies inside), spice mix, and whole grain blue cornbread mix. You have the option to include a can of Eden Organic Diced Tomatoes (the can is BPA-free) or supply your own. The instructions are right on the box and simple. All I had to do is brown the turkey, add the spice mix, tomatoes, beans and water. The recipe called for dark beer and cashews, since I didn’t have any, I followed the instructions to add more water. The Chili took around 30 minutes to cook and was delicious! I was also thrilled that it was  healthy, with 21 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. You can omit the turkey if you prefer to make the chili vegetarian. Since cornbread is usually loaded with fat, I was psyched that the Healthy Pantry offered a lower fat, healthier version with blue corn. My husband, children and I enjoyed this Chili and the Blue Corn Bread muffins! It looked like I slaved over a hot stove for hours (but only for around 30 minutes!).

Click here to see my Turkey Cowboy Chili Whrrl Slideshow here.

Next, we tested the Whole Grain Apple Cinnamon Pancake/Waffle Mix ($5.99). You have the option to add on Agave Nectar to use as syrup — which was delish. The whole grain pancake mix includes applesauce. The suggestion to add frozen berries to the mix was brilliant. They were amazing and my children downed them! The Healthy Pantry’s was one of the best mixes I’ve used (and I’ve used many mixes!)

Dad Keith Lauver started The Healthy Pantry, after his busy lifestyle as a technology company executive led him to unhealthy eating, an extra 40 pounds, pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. The Healthy Pantry’s mission is to help others eat better by removing the biggest barrier: the lack of time to cook at home.

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The company supplied meal testing kits for review purposes.


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