Image and video hosting by TinyPic My 4 year old son is a huge Hess Toy Truck fan — he had a Hess Truck themed birthday party in September and loves to watch the Hess Toy Truck commercials on YouTube.  So you can imagine our excitement when Hess sent over their 2009 toy, the Race Car and Racer ($24.99 plus tax ) to review.  While it’s not a truck, the large white and green striped race car with a smaller green racer goes on sale today.  Hess has been selling their toy vehicles since 1964 and the race car is the first car on sale since 1993.

The Race Car (which is awesome) has  some  terrific features – 29 lights, three sound buttons (start engine, race and horn), alloy-look wheels, low profile headlights and a rear spoiler. Push down on the front of the car to get to the compartment that holds the racer. The little green racer has 15 lights, low profile headlights, alloy-look wheels, and a pull-back motor. Energizer batteries are included.

Since there are small parts, it’s not for children under 3 years of age. The 2009 Hess Toy Race Car and Racer are currently on sale, exclusively at Hess and Hess Express retail stores. Click here for a list of locations near you.

Hess supplied a sample Race Car and Racer for this review.


  1. My parents are big fans of Hess Trucks and started selling them online to people who don’t live near a Hess station. It’s a fun little project for them. You can view their store at:

  2. Do you have a post about your sons Hess birthday party?

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