Two kids in, I’m so over the many first time Mom nuances and rules I once had. Call it what you will – experience having made me wiser, or experience having made me just plain lazy, I’m all about easy and disposable.
And as we’re always losing something wherever we go – sippy cup, toy, my house keys (yes, that really happened recently. I found them in the fridge four days later) – I try and not have anything *too* important on my person at any given time.
So “Wash or Toss” cups are great for us. They aren’t a great deal of money, they’re quick and easy. You can find all sorts of brands making these types of cups. Lately we’ve been using a set from Playskool. They make a line that’s exclusive to CVS – you can find them in-store or online, it’s $4.49 for a 6-pack.
Incidentally, Playskool’s line for CVS doesn’t stop at sippy cups – they offer bottles, diapers, baby toys and teething rings and more. I keep a set of the Cottony Cloths in my car for whatever messy need may arise.
Edited to add: when you “toss” it out – be sure it gets tossed into your plastic recycling bin and not the trash can.


  1. Ok so I discovered Take ‘n Toss sippy cups about two years ago and I am STILL using the first set that I bought. I don’t think I’ve ever tossed one, and ya know why? Because they are AWESOME. They work BETTER than the sippy cups with the little check valves for keeping my carpet and car clean, and they go through the dishwasher SO easily. They last and last and there is no searching for the right little valve piece! (Whew, who knew I was so passionate about sippy cups.)

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