summeractivities I’m seeing a lot of Summer Bucket List and Summer Activity lists floating around lately.  For most of us Moms, this summer isn’t our first rodeo and while we’re all looking forward to the lack of homework and scheduling, we know what’s also coming with the summer weeks ahead.  I’m booorrrrrred will definitely come out of my boys mouths many times this summer.

We’ve planned some activities for sure – I have a few camps thrown in here and there and a couple of road trips but we also have some blissfully unscheduled weekdays ahead of us and I want to be prepared for the inevitable boredom whining and overuse of electronics.

Thanks to Pinterest, Facebook and my head, I’ve compiled a list of a ton of different activities into a list I can pull out when the going gets tough.

1. Wash the family car
2. Sidewalk chalk
3. Go outside and pick 5 different kinds of flowers
4. Go on a hike
5. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
6. Play freeze dance
7. Go to the zoo
8. Make a picnic lunch and head to your local park
9. Put on bathing suits and set up the sprinkler in the back yard
10. Make tie dye shirts
11. Make Your Own Playdough
12. Play cards
13. Bake cookies
14. Melt crayons into shapes
15.  Go outside & bird watch.  Make a list describing each bird you see!
16. Play frisbee
17. Play Legos
18. Geocache
19.  Do a puzzle
20. Play dress up
21. Draw a picture
22.  Go bowling
23. Go to the movies
24. Fly a kite
25. Blow bubbles
26. Draw on a cardboard box
27. Go to the library and local story time
28. Build a fort
29. Play hide and seek
30. Make a time capsule to open in 10 years


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