So earlier this week, 17 adults and children were sent to a Philadelphia hospital after being exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) at a child’s birthday party. The cause is believed to be a gasoline-powered generator running a fan for an inflatable playhouse was the source of the deadly gas. The good news is that there were no fatalities, however two of the children had to be treated in a hyperbaric chamber.
Scary. Carbon monoxide is even more of a treat in the winter when people are running wood stoves and portable heaters. Check out this link they sent over – it contains a bunch of great info regarding carbon monoxide dangers, and what you can do to prevent an issue.
I think everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector in their house. We got one at Home Depot a few years ago. A couple of months ago it was driving me nuts beeping – the batteries were running low. In a hurry, I turned it off and I haven’t done anything since. I’m thankful for this story and the reminder that I need to get it working again in my house. If you don’t have one, consider getting one. We got ours at Home Depot.

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