Before my family left for Disney World earlier this month, I had a small pile of products to sample on my office desk.  It was my “test in Disney” pile.  A journal from Rag & Bone Bindery sat at the top of the pile.  I didn’t bring it.

Why?  I couldn’t bring myself to use it in Disney.  And I didn’t reject this product from my trip because it wasn’t useful – I didn’t pack it because it was just too beautiful.  There was no way I was putting this gorgeous handmade bound book anywhere near my two dirty kids.

This book is all mine.  In fact, last night my husband asked, “is that your new day planner?”  He thought I had started using it as a new day planner (not knowing it was a blank journal) because I had been carrying it around so much.  It’s that nice.

Looking for something unique, handmade and gorgeous for your child’s baby book, a journal or wedding album?  Look no further than Rag & Bone Bindery.  My review can’t do the quality of this book justice – visit the site and check it out for yourself.

Use coupon code MWS for 15% off all regularly priced items at Rag & Bone Bindery.

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