Our sitter gave the kids version of the Find It toy to the boys for Christmas. I’ve been meaning to blog about it because it’s so much fun. This toy has ended up on our coffee table and has been the source of many conversations. We’ve had more that one guest sit with a glass of wine and get consumed with this toy.
The gist of it is that there are several toys hidden inside of these toy that you have to find. They are listed on the lid on the outside. Let me tell you guys, I’ve become obsessed with this toy. The kids and I love sitting for long periods of times shaking it and trying to find new toys. The “big” toy to find is the penny – which is virtually impossible to find. Once you find it, you’re supposed to log onto their website and post about it (including the year).
More than once we’ve thought we’d seen the penny only to find it out it was some other “gold” item. Check it out for yourself – I’m totally getting one of the older non-kid versions next time I get a hostess gift – who needs a bottle of wine that won’t last when you can have one of these conversation pieces on your coffee table? Seriously, it’s so much fun. The kid version retails for $25.99 – you can get it at Amazon for $17.99.

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