I’m so excited to finally have a Learning Tower in my home! For years I have been hearing about this item that somewhat defies simple description (is is a puppet theater? a stepstool? a rocket ship?) I knew that it was popular with homeschoolers and the Waldorf crowd. I heard about it in passing, like a mythical beast – a unicorn or a centaur.
Finally at a trade show this fall I got to see one and decided to give it a try. It looked promising, but I was honestly not prepared for how popular the Learning Tower would be in my own household!
The Learning Tower is many things, to many children in my home. It’s a simple structure, made of beautiful hardwood, with an adjustible platform. It gives kids a stable, comfortable and safe place to perch when making muffins in the kitchen with me. Add on the easel and it’s an art center. Take away the easel and the platform and it is a puppet theater. Or alternatively, it’s a “look at me, I am on tv! ” broadcasting station. Throw a blanket over the top and it is a secret playhouse. Put back the platform and it is a stage… you get the idea.
To date our Learning Tower has been a rocket ship, chef’s stand, lemonade stand, art station and so much more. Aside from giving you a comfortable way to invite your kids into your activities, it opens up opportunities for creative play involving the imagination, as the best toys do. This is an item that I now strongly feel belongs in just about every household with kids. It’s amazing how much your kids enjoy the simplest things when they can be brought up to your height.
When was the last time your four yr old did the dishes? I have the video to prove that mine did ours! It’s not something I would have been as comfortable with him doing, perched on an unstable chair or slippery stool. The Learning tower has built in rails that kids can hold onto for increased security – both yours and theirs. I also love that it comes in a variety of wood tones and colors so is sure to match your decor.
Because of the simple, back to basics nature of this product, I would think it makes a perfect gift request for a special gift from Grandma or Grandpa. Imagine how wonderful it would be for your child to be able to comfortably stand at the counter and bake or do woodwork or another activity that they’d normally be considered “too small” to do with their Grandparents.
I would never have anticipated the action that this tower would be getting in my kitchen. It’s here to stay!
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  1. I love the lemonade stand idea! Thanks for reviewing The Learning Tower here – I work with the parent company Little Partners on their marketing for the tower. It’s great to hear about all the great uses you and your kids have gotten out of it!

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