If you’re reading this site, you know enough to acknowledge that any not all diaper bags are alike, despite what the husbands may think. The same can be said of the diaper bag’s ‘younger’ sibling, the changing pad. There’s soft and plush ones, there’s wipe-down vinyl ones and there’s plain old boring ones that come with your standard run-of-the-mill diaper bag. And then there’s the whole, “do I really need to carry a changing pad?” moment that comes in every Mom’s life.
So I’ve gone back and forth on that issue a lot, and I’ve decided that if I’m going to carry one, it needs to be cute for me, and comfortable for baby. The last one I checked out was from My Lilly Belle, and it’s called the Lilly Pad. It’s a changing pad that folds up into a compact square that tucks away nicely, and it also has a pocket inside for a travel pack of wipes and/or antibacterial lotion.
They have some cute and unusual prints. Use coupon code “style” for 10% off your order.

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