bag4.jpg Thinking back to all the maternity items I received and used in the last year there is one standout. I decided I would be remiss if I did not post something, just in case anyone is still searching for a special gift for a new mom. The best, most thoughtful gift that I can think of for an expecting mom is The Maternity Bag from The Little Stork. Here is my original review of The Little Stork.
These simple but luxurious bags come pre packed and fully loaded with everything you would want to have with you for a hospital delivery. I think they are a kind gift even for moms attempting a home delivery because it is like a wonderful “care package” for her at a time when she needs pampering the most. Inside the bag is a carefully and lovingly curated collection of high quality and organic goodies and essentials for the mom in labor. There’s even a kit for dads/partners so they can relax and stay close to mom.
Not only do these bags support women in labor, but they save them the labor of running around to assemble everything at a time when a woman’s energy may already be depleted. They save her the stress of having to send someone away to get supplies because she forgot to pack/charge/etc a camera or make sure she has a hairband for her hair, lipgloss for parched lips. It’s all there, ready and waiting.
I’ve done the labor thing 3 times and can honestly say this bag made a huge difference for me, and made my delivery experience a better one. It’s also a great value when you look at all that is included and the cost of assembling something similar yourself!
Mommies with Style use code holiday08 for 10% off your order!

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