This is the fourth year I’ve used a momAgenda Desktop.  Over the years, several of my friends have joked about the fact that I still use a traditional planner.  I’m such a tech geek, how can I not have gone electronic with my day planner?  The answer is that my life is so crazy, I can’t even keep up electronically. 

I need a planner that I can spread out each week – one where I can jot down random notes with return phone numbers, errands I need to do, lists of things I need to pick up.  I have so many random, haphazard and unrelated things I’m constantly having to do, having the weekly spread that the MomAgenda offers is the only way I can stay organized and sane. 

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The momAgenda Desktop — Pretty on the outside. Practical on the inside.

You: running errands here, there, and everywhere. Trying to balance your child’s practices and school schedules with your Yoga classes and work meetings. Bring in the momAgenda Desktop Planner.

Open its gorgeous cover and you’ll find the most mom-friendly format out there – a unique week-at-view calendar with space for your schedule and your family’s. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from everything in one place.  The momAgenda Desktop Planner is a must-have.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored Post. MomAgenda is a sponsor for our Gift Guide Girls Holiday Guide.

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