Yes, I did just say that. And I am that enthusiastic. ZinkoTek has created the coolest, most awesome, most fabulous building set that my kids and I have ever played with. That’s saying a lot, huh?!
Do you remember being a kid, that thrill you would feel when your creations were life sized? It was certainly fun to build with blocks or whatever. But a house you could go inside? A helicopter you could climb into and pretend to fly? A dinosaur/robot/spaceship that was as tall as your dad? Sorry plain ol blocks. See ya. You just can’t compare.
ZinkoTek pieces are made from EVA foam and are recyclable. They are lightweight yet sturdy and durable. ZinkoTek pieces are suitable for indoors or outdoor use by kids from age 3 (great for learning sorting/grouping skills too) on up to adults who enjoy building. Completing a larger scale project takes some advance thought and planning, but is easily carried out by a child on their own. The house pictured was built entirely by my 4 &8 year old children. With no assistance. While I would like to say they did this by themselves because they are super geniuses, the truth is that the set is simple to build with. They referred to the enclosed directions – it took the better part on one afternoon and they only had to be told to stop fighting once (window placement issues).
When they finished, the whole neighborhood came to ooh and ah over their creation and at least a couple parents rushed home to order sets of their own for the holidays.
This is actually my #1 “big gift” pick for the holidays. It is the kind of toy that will stand the test of time and get used again and again over the years. You’ll pull it out on rainy days and rather than curse the weather, you will marvel over your children’s creativity and wonder how it got to be dinner time already. There are no end to the possibilties of what you can build with this set. Check out the ZinkoTek site for inspiration and ideas.
If you’re really lucky, your kids will let you play in their house. Mommies with Style use coupon code MWS and get $25 off your purchase now through December 31st, 2008.

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